About us

TCC SAGL (Tesseract Consulting Companies sagl ) is a trading and consulting company that helps you develop and expand your business in new markets. We will fortify your core competencies by improving your business process, to ensure company growth. TCC SAGL is the only authorized Distributor of CLIVEN products in Switzerland.

L.C.A at a glance

L.C.A. Laboratori di Chimica Applicata was founded in 1958, and for more than 60 years it has been a leading Italian producer of personal care and cosmetic products.

Its premises are in Italy, in the town of Limbiate, a few kilometers from the center of Milan.

1962: building of the factory

It is provided with the most modern productive technologies and the potential of its highly automatized lines makes of L.C.A. a protagonist of cosmetic production in Italy.

The production structure of L.C.A. includes kind of filling and packaging lines, among the most modern and automated, which make it able to independently manage the products of all cosmetic lines.

Filling of the Multipurpose Cream

L.C.A. cosmetics are the result of constant research and testing. They are formulated using strictly controlled raw materials and active principles with full regard of the most demanding standards of purity and innocuity in total observance of the Italian and European laws.

The Research & Development Laboratory, fully equipped for chemical-physical and microbiological analysis, is the basic support of the whole activity, both for the development of new products and for the quality control of daily production. Every product regularly undergoes tests of efficacy and is constantly controlled by the Laboratory in order to grant the best quality and stability in time. Eventually, all cosmetics are clinically tested in cooperation with the officially recognized Institutes of Control.

Multipurpose Cream production line

Liquid production line

Cliven products bound to the warehouse

early cosmetic production

60’s laboratory attire

60’s factory workers